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Fiverr cancelled the order even though the work was completed

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So a couple of weeks back, I had an order to develop 8 pages (frontend) of a website. This was a collaboration project where other developers were also working on the GitHub repository. I completed my work as per the requirements and the client was also satisfied but things started getting frustrating for me the time I delivered my work. I asked the client to accept the work but he requested me to get some additional things done, these were some small things so I did. The next time I delivered the work he just asks for another revision without any valid reason. I also tried to contact him but he never replied to any of my messages instead every time I delivered the project he just misused the "Ask for revision" option. Now a few days back things got completely out of my hands as he removed my access from GitHub so I can no longer work on the project or remove my completed work from his website. I tried to contact the buyer and Fiverr customer support but it was of no use, and now a few hours ago Fiverr notified me that my order had been cancelled, however, he is still using my work and all the pages I created are still up. Now I am not sure what to do and why is Fiverr so unjust with us sellers while ignoring the fact that buyers can be frauds or scams as well. The project has already cost me a lot of time and money, and Fiverr is now going to demote me from level 1 to new seller as well

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