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How to rank my gigs?


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please tell me what I do. my educational purpose is the last 1 year my Fiverr id is inactive.
now I start my id in active. I have tried the last 1 month but my id gigs do not rank.
I have tried many ways. different types of gigs publish, gis share sand buyer request. but anything not to work.
this situation please tell me what can I do. I build a career on Fiverr please help me.
"what should I do delete the existing id and then open a new id or any other way." please tell me because I working on Fiverr.

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8 hours ago, jubayer_dev said:

"what should I do delete the existing id and then open a new id or any other way."

@jubayer_dev, You already have 5 good reviews (with pictures in the delivery) so I wouldn't delete your ID if I were you. Keep the existing account and put something in your bio explaining your long absence. I had my Fiverr account for 2.5 years before I did anything.

I do see an opportunity for you to improve how you've written your gig descriptions. They are long lists and your buyers may not want to read them. Try to write something that will pull your buyers in and make them want to buy. Web design is a highly competitive category, so you have to make yourself stand out from all the other web designers on the platform.

Your gig images have a lot of words on them and look busy. Try to simplify the images and only have 2-5 words describing your services. Consider adding a gig video for each of your gigs to showcase your services and highlight your skill and talent.

I also saw that you state the following (in bold, my comments are also included below):

1-month extra support after order completion - Don't work for free.

100% Customer satisfaction - You can't satisfy everyone.

Support 24/7 - You need your sleep and your buyers should respect that.

Unlimited revisions - This is opening the door for trouble. Offer limited revisions and charge for extra revisions.

If you don't approve of the final product, I will cancel your order and you will get your money back - Why talk about canceling now? This causes buyers to question your ability to deliver a good product.

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