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How Fiverr recommend?


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11 hours ago, aziz_rohmani said:

How can I get "Rising Talent" Badge on my gig and what is the process??
any one can help me.  Gig title label round sticker circle patch stamp seal vintage sale trust badge logo.
I want this badge on this gig. Is this eligible or not?

no full proof process to get this badge...

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Hi @onlinetrishnaro & welcome to the forum!

I see that you are doing data entry and that's what launched my business forward as a new seller. There's definitely a need for good data entry specialists!

14 minutes ago, onlinetrishnaro said:

How to achieve this choice in to my gig's ?

As mentioned in your post above, the Fiverr's Choice badge is given to sellers that "people love for superb work an delivery."

So to get this badge, you have to be delivering great work AND your buyers are giving you excellent reviews.

I love this badge because there isn't a limit to how often you can get this badge. It's also a huge indicator of great quality since it's based on  metrics such as cancellations, late deliveries, responsiveness, buyer satisfaction, and the quality of your deliveries.

Your private reviews are also weighed heavily here. Buyers can leave 3 reviews on every order (2 private and 1 public), and the private ones have the biggest impact on your visibility in search.

Here's what the reviews look like:



Whenever I get the Fiverr's Choice badge I always get a good boost in the number of orders that I get.

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