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How I can fix my level two Fiverr dead account?



Hi Everyone, I am a Level Two seller and this is my first post on the Fiverr forum. On August 2021 my top gig become derank and disqualified from the promoted feature. My all reviews were 5 stars and the performance was good as well. I waited around 3 months to get ranked again and try to find clients on social media. But now it's more than 1 year and my gig never comes back and getting only 1 or 2 daily impressions and also disqualified from promoted feature. I am constantly working on and updating this gig but all in vain. I created a lot of new gigs by doing proper SEO but none of the gigs gets more the 5 impressions. I think the problem is with my account because none of my new gigs get ranked even after the complete optimization. I am really confused about what should I do now. Where is the problem? Thank you in advance!

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