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Fraudulent Buyer Listing


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Hi All,

I have currently experienced two buyers who have ordered and just cancel or request a mutual cancellation of the order.

I am now pushing that there be at least a listing of fraudulent buyers who are deliberately doing this practice and legitimate sellers have no way of confirming that the said buyers are keeping working files and claiming poor work.

Fraudulent Buyers.

fragglesrock - cancel 34 minutes after receiving first draft of solution with ample to for seller to respond

fragglesrock - cancel after agreeing to 1 gigx4; order 1 gigx1 and 1 gigx3; request cancel after receiving proper working solution; reviewed me as a con artist.

Sheriff’s note: please remember that calling out other users is not allowed in this forum

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How can this be low when their reviews both good and bad are broadcasted when other view my gig(s) and profile.

What I am saying is not a call out it is more to blacklist offenders where we the sellers can vet a potential buyer more-so to those who do not have previous ratings.

Remember their reviews stay with a sellers profile, so when someone posts any of us as a con artist after spending time building a solution or implementing to amend their problem, that is more damaging to one’s viability for future jobs as opposed to declining a cancellation for just $5.00.

So it;s okay that all can see your review of what buyers say to better decide if they should go with a seller but nothing for the seller to check a buyer with no reviews.

Or are we to now not accept request from buyers with no or poor ratings?

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Guest celticmoon

@tazflerts No matter what you say here, we are only hearing ONE side of the story: yours. The others you’ve named are not here to present their sides, and they may have something totally different to say. And the bottom line is it is AGAINST the rules of the forum to call others out by name.

You are welcome to b*tch and moan about a situation (although all this really belongs in the Ranting Pot, not Tips for Sellers). You can solicit suggestions for how to deal with the situation. But you can’t name names, and as soon as a Sheriff sees this, those names will be deleted.

As suggested to you by others here, you do not have to accept cancellations. You have other options. If you are certain about your position AND can prove it by grabbing screenshots of correspondence, you can file a ticket with CS and ask that unwarranted negative reviews are removed. You can accept that this is an aspect about selling on Fiverr that is difficult and maybe is unfair, or you can go elsewhere to sell. You have choices.

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Your point is to look at one side of a story or both.

My point is if some buyers who are DELIBERATELY using a practice that; orders a gig, get the solution and then cry foul, are to be BLACKLIST. So sellers can have a benchmark of same buyers.

So when your 100% is marred or affected by this; then maybe you will see the bigger picture of what some of use are experiencing.

May I advise you not drop the level of professionalism in making your point.

I have read the do and don’t and nowhere has it stated I cannot call a name but do address interpreted abusive language duly noted in your second paragraph.

Again, my point is when one knows that you have done the work required, and then your buyer presents a totally none-sensical reason to cancel a bid more-so just to cancel it in a short notice of receiving the delivered solution is now more than ever questionable.

I already know I don’t have to accept the cancellation. But why a cancellation when your turn around time is 3 days?

How you can you not accept cancellation when its a forced cancellation?

Everyone need to be mindful that though buyer and seller are not under the same roof, just like any other working institution when your work ethics and professionalism into a question you will find avenues to have what is unjust addressed. And just like any business who has bad customers or suppliers their respective accounts are flag accordingly.

Why is FIVERR any different? Why any of us using FIVERR as our respective business be different?

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tazflerts said: I have read the do and don't and nowhere has it stated I cannot call a name
Even if it's not clearly written, this can be understood from "Do keep all posts respectful, constructive and concise so that all visitors can enjoy and benefit from the discussions..

Respectful also means this: you can't say bad things about a person who's not here to argue with you and that can't write his/her reasons.

Watching (listening) only one part of the story could not lead to the real truth sometimes... so you're welcome here and you can rant, explain your reasons, discuss with us, enjoy with us, always respecting the rules :)

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Listen well, unless it is explicitly stated that, “no names are to be called” then; one can refrain from doing so.

You see respectful you may interpret as not calling some ones names. There is nothing wrong with respectfully calling someones name when there is an issue unless i do so disrespectfully.

Again the greater concern from everyone’s point of view is calling a name.

The greater point is that the conglomerate; FIVERR, and all our sub-businesses; SELLERS

need to black list BUYERS who are doing this practice.

Address the later, offer some form of council on the scenario rather be the wagonist about calling out names.

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@tazflerts I do think it’s pretty clear in the rules.


Near the bottom it mentions–All posts: containing abusive language, with derogatory name calling OR THAT NEGATIVELY CALLS OUT another user will be removed.

Contact support, they should remove slanderous feedback.

Best of luck to you!

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Jesus, I cant believe this!

“Derogatory name calling”. Please explain to me where I have made a disrespectful statement about any of the two individual. NONE. You can call someone;s name without being derogatory.

If the quote had stated “Do not mention the name of either a buyer or selling in any way whatsoever”, then who would i be to complain.

I stated there actions RESPECTFULLY; I haven’t called them any names or slander them with or without expletives or with insult.

Again, address how we go about black listing buyers who do this practice.

It is clear perhaps, that only a few are viewing this in a projected manner that this is a practice of some buyers that affect ones individual businesses and the only recourse cannot be just decide not cancel or contact support team.

The bigger picture is what step the we as the seller have at fore to vet potential buyers from this practice.

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I’m not attacking you, okay? I did not refer to your actions as “derogatory name calling”. I specifically capitalized “or that negatively calls out another user”.

Let’s face it, you called out users in a negative light. I’m not saying you’re unjustified in your feelings about what occurred, not at all. I only wanted to point out that it is plainly in the rules not to drop names.

tazflerts said: Again, address how we go about black listing buyers who do this practice.

This is Support's job. Sellers bring unscrupulous behavior to their attention and they are the ones who decide who gets blacklisted.
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Reply to @tazflerts: creating a blacklist is not something we can /must do; eventually this should be done from Fiverr team, maybe removing bad users…

So, next time, please send your concerns about a bad buyer to Customer Support: they will investigate and take needed actions.

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tazflerts said: Address the later, offer some form of council on the scenario rather be the wagonist about calling out names.
This is something we cannot do: on forum we are all regular users just like you, so we can't help you with this: we can talk with you, we can suggest something, we can agree or disagree... but only Customer Support can do something to help you with the problem you had.

Remember that forum is not a replacement for Customer Support!



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Now isnt this much better.


I know it’s not personal nor to are my responses to anyone.

But lets face it, FIVERR for some of is a business more than how some may see it as just alternative income.

Having said that; @ all:

Is there a place for a black listing those who conduct business in a fraudulent manner on FIVERR?

How can this be achieved so that all are better served better quality service? (Buyers and Sellers alike)

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Let’s face it whether you have been affected or not, seen the pattern or not; the potential buying behavior for some can take this trend and in doing will negatively impact the seller.

What further steps can be take to protect a seller? This is bigger than just defending $5.00

From a business point of view, 1 customer (for any seller who works and deliver above par to be then called a con artist) can sink that business.

FIVERR is not different than a starbucks, mcdonald or any other franchise who strives for bettering the functional ethics of all.

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