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How to rank Gigs?


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Hi @aliwasir,

1 hour ago, aliwasir said:

how to rank gig?

Gigs aren't "ranked" like a search engine. Fiverr is a matching service, so how visible you are in search depends on your relevancy. Things that make you more relevant in search include: 1) your title and tags, 2) your seller performance, and 3) how well you are performing in comparison to your competition.

1 hour ago, aliwasir said:

get more and more impressions and clicks?

Impressions are related to relevancy. So in order to get more impressions, you have to be more relevant. Make sure your title and tags are relevant to what you do. Understand your customers and know what search terms they will be using to find you. Also, do your best to respond quickly to messages, deliver timely orders, deliver high quality work, and keep your customers happy. If you are doing your best and still have trouble getting impressions, it may because your competition is doing better than you. So you have to step up and do better, so you can appear higher in search than them.

Clicks are related to how attractive your gig is. If your gig is attractive, buyers will click on your gig to see what you are all about. Make sure the gig image accurately reflects who you are and what services you offer. Keep the image simple with only 3-5 words describing your service. Make sure to use a gig video to showcase your abilities and check your prices to see if you are competitive.

If you have good clicks, then you want to make sure you are getting orders, too. Orders mean that your gig convinces the buyers to buy from you. If you get clicks, but no orders, then that means buyers look at your gigs and then decide to go with your competition. So make sure your gig descriptions are tailored to your target buyers. You can also use the FAQs to answer their questions.

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