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Want to know about gig rank and order.


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My congratulations and best wishes to all Fiverr authorities and Users.

👉About me: I'm Md Aktar Hossain Aeny. I am a social media marketer and marketing manager. I live in a small village in Bangladesh. I have been working in various social media agencies for a long time. I have spent seven years of my life in social media marketing. Today, I own a small company after taking up marketing as my passion.

I want to devote enough time to Fiverr. I want to share my experience and gain. How do I move forward with my account security? How can I work to get my order regularly? All in all, I am requested to give guidance I am grateful to FIBER for the marketing inspiration and success of my life.

I demand peace and end the war between Ukraine and Russia on behalf of my country and myself.

Thanks everyone.

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I would like to know the rank and order details of my Fiverr publish gigs. I carefully created and published my gig. But the clicks on my gig are getting less and less impressions. I am very worried. Someone please help me with information regarding my gig and confirm the correct solution.




Thank You.

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Hello Forum Friend.

Greetings from aeny_aktar. I am a new seller in Fiverr. I am publishing two gigs on Fiverr. My gig is active but I'm not getting any buyer requests. I devote most of my time to mastering Fiverr and providing my services. But unfortunately the Fiverr authority is not accepting me. I am totally disappointed. I am logging in on my smart phone to realize the buyer request through the app but unfortunately I am not getting any buyer request there. how get enough buyer requests? Want to get expert advice.




Thank you313856253_828982111485337_6449406646605580226_n.jpg.c50c6cff748087fa5e924b53905ebdfa.jpg




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16 minutes ago, aeny_aktar said:

I devote most of my time to mastering Fiverr

And yet you post on the forum in the wrong category (your post isn't an advice for buyers) and share gig links in a place where it isn't allowed. Not to mention that you're posting a question that hundreds of others have recently asked, instead of searching the forum for answers.

17 minutes ago, aeny_aktar said:

how get enough buyer requests?

You don't. Fiverr is removing that feature.

If you want orders, why don't you advertise your services on social media and get orders that way? You claim to be a social media marketer with a company of your own, surely you know how to successfully promote your own services.

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