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Why is the fiverr gig impression down?

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Hi @romgraphic,

Fiverr gives new sellers a temporary boost in gig impressions when they are first starting out, so that might be why your impressions have been falling. You've only been on the platform for a month and you don't have any orders.

If you don't have impressions, it's because you aren't being seen as relevant in search. So make sure your title and tags are relevant to your service and do your best to respond quickly to any inquiries that come in.

If you don't have clicks, it means people who see your gig aren't interested enough to click on it. So make your gig images and prices attractive.

If you don't have orders, that means people who are visiting your gig aren't interesting in buying once they look at your gig. They went on to purchase from your competition. So work on building your portfolio, having a good gig description, and FAQs to answer any questions these buyers may be having.

Here are some things you can do while you are waiting for orders:



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