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Keyword Stuffing in Gig title


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You can , but it won't be helpful. My suggetion instead of

On 10/6/2022 at 2:49 PM, max_shah said:

i will write design book cover, design flyer, design logo for your website. 

i will write design book cover, flyer or logo for your website. is a better gig title. Once I had a conversation with my Success Manager, he idicateds me to avoid repeating keywords (in title or tag). As we we have limited space for putting keywords, we better use them for maximum use case by adding many keywords as much as possible. Repeat keywords / keyword stuffing might helpful goggle search, but Fiverr search works differently. 

Btw, I sell serrvice for wordpress , If I were selling gigs on graphic design, I would make separate gigs for Flayer design, book cover design and logo design.

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