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How long do my Fiverr's gig come back to the promotion


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I am a level-2 seller, I had been earning  $800-1000 in a month consistently with my Fiverr promotion gigs, but for last 2 months ago, my promotion gigs become unqualified, I have done only 8 orders with repeat buyers. The reason is that, I was about to shift to my new house, I therefore, set my status on vacation for 15 days, and Fiverr team disqualified my all promotion gigs. I heard that they will get back to the promotion after 45 days, however, it's been two months now, I have yet to receive any good news from the Fiverr team.

I have more than 2k reviews with 5 stars orders.

My overview rating is 100%, everything is perfect. 

I have not got any new buyer since last two months, kindly let me know, how long does it take more for my gig promotion again?


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