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Is there any way that a brief can negatively impact you?


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I just received my second brief for a voice over. It's...interesting, and I have questions, but the one in the title is the most important. I can see how just ignoring it might make the AI boss mad, and I won't be doing that. But I am wondering if declining it, them not accepting the offer in response, not responding to them within an hour--if there's anything involved that can drag a profile/gigs down. Also, they don't even have one review on their profile, so that has be a bit nervous.

Also, do buyers look at the rate you set for your brief and think that's what you will do their project for? I have mine set at $10. They need a 300 word script edited, voiced, AND I think synced to time stamps. They might be expecting me to deliver a video, too. I don't know. I've messaged them with questions.

Thank you beforehand for your input. 

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