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How does a buyer change a Star Rating (ARS) they want to correct?


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A buyer who has since returned for several more purchases and who now only gives me 5 stars, unthinkingly gave One star (along with a comment of “Great work”) the first time he bumped into the star system.

What do I tell a buyer to do to change their rating? Others may wish to know this as well.

And are the stars rating a period of time (the last 6 months) or is your perfect rating lost forever from a single lesser review?


Ron Masa

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they need to hover over the rating they left with their mouse and they will see an option to remove the feedback. Tell them to go to the shopping menu at the top of the page, open the order and do as above. There is a 48 hour window after the feedback is left and after that the option is no longer visible. Tell them to do that, remove the feedback and then give you five stars on all categories. If it is too late for them to change the feedback tell them to contact support to do it.

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Reply to @madmoo:

That’s not what I blamed on the ARS.

As you know, I"m the one person who is VERY clear on the differences between the systems. And that essentially all of the “ARS” defenders have not said anything that wasn’t already true of the Thumbs UP / Thumbs Down.

The problem I was referring to is that a correction is now a much bigger deal. It’s at least 150% more work and really closer to 300% more.

Second, it’s more prone to the same problem.

A miss-click can and does happen.

But, with the ARS there can be mistakes in THINKING too. Some have said they think that #1 is BEST and so set all ratings to 1 Star. 😦

But again, that wasn’t what I was saying. I was saying that the steps to correct the mistake are now more than than before.

NOW, something that is unique to the ARS is…

What if someone gives 3 stars or 4 or 4.5 and a review that says “Amazing, great seller, will definitely buy again” etc.

…was that a miss-click?

See it’s ambiguous.

At least if that had a thumbs down, we would KNOW it was a miss-click

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