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A new searching engine is testing .So bad if this searching engine will use for fiverr


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From 4 gigs / row.Now buyers will just see 3 gigs/row when search for keywords.

And one seller will lost their chance for sales .

Look the design of new searching engine ,it’s the cheapest way that i have never seen anywhere .Even look like a new website that just started their work on the www. by some amateur pupils ( i think students even can do better )

I really don’t know who trying to improve fiverr by this way.We have had our website as a Bugatti Veron car, but now the fiverr’s Techincals trying to improve website to a china cars .That’s really really good ! Run 450 km/h with a China Car.

Where’s the hospital ? will have many sellers need that place with the new testing searching engine .

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