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Impression gone down and it's zero?


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Hi Shehab!

I almost had a heart attack as well.

It must be a bug. They must have been updating something in the system.

We know that they are rolling an update for cancellations, so they have surely changed something.

There is 0 chance that we had 0 impressions, I had new inquiries and orders yesterday.

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31 minutes ago, shehab_pranto said:

@sunboatrecords I already send message fiverr support and told about a bug.

I told them fix this bug please. Is it helpful ?

Or it will automatically solve?



It has happened once before this year. 

What is shown there is not correct. So, there is nothing to fix.

As I said, I suspect that they were rolling out a mini-update and that little glitch may be because of that.

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Have you edited your gigs?

Here is what happend with me!

2  weeks ago, I completed a copywriting course and I thought I should make my gigs' descriptions more compelling, so I edited and overhauled all of my gis. As soon I did that, all of my gigs disappeared right after that. I asked people here as well as contacted with fiver team to know the reason. Everybody said, including the fivers team, they would appear in the search soon now that 15 days had passed, and nothing changed. My gigs are nowhere. Previously no matter whether I promote them or not, some impressions and clicks appear on the gigs each day, now there are 0 clicks and impressions. I have searched my gigs with all the relevant keywords on all the pages, but they seem to be frozen. 

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It's important to be mindful of where you promote your gigs. While sharing your gig is important, it's best to do so in places that are relevant to your niche. Sharing your gig in Facebook groups (e.g Fiverr gig promotion) and other promotional channels may increase the likelihood of receiving spammy messages. In such cases, it's best to just report the spammers and ignore them.

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