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How to deals with revision?



Hi! my name is Atin. I am video animator. The project I make is making explainer video which this takes almost 1 month to finish this animation. But my client keep asking for revision. I have told the client that I give them 20 revision only, more must pay extra charge. Plus, I ask for extra gig for client, but the client said she will pay after I finish the video. What should I do to get my extra gig money and reduce the client revision?

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1 hour ago, atinhub said:

she will pay after I finish the video.

No, the client should pay ahead for any extra work requested. Do you have your policy of only 20 revisions written somewhere on your gig? You will have to refer them to that. Otherwise, it could be an issue with Customer Support and they would support the buyer if you are unclear as well on your policies. 

51 minutes ago, max3dmodel said:

Screenshot (92).png

You will have to be much clearer on what unlimited revisions mean. You'd be surprised at how some buyers will try to nickel and dime their way through this. 

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