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Gig rank is weird for me


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Hey there, and lovely evening to everyone (or morning/afternoon) :classic_biggrin:

I've been on Fiverr since Jan 2017. I had a nice run two years ago but had to quit for a while. Now I returned, earned some buyers and an excellent overall rating. But, for some reason, My gig went all the way back. Even in the "Local seller" section, I'm on the last page :[

Did it happen to anyone else? If so, what did you guys do to solve this issue?

I contacted support already, but they told me that my gig is fine and running as usual. I want to believe them, but I feel like that's something else. With great reviews and products, there is no reason for me to get pushed back. This month I will get my Level 1 again. I suppose this should help as well. Besides that, I'm clueless why people who "abandoned" the site are higher ranked than me. 0 reviews, and I remember them since 2017. xD.

Thanks in advance, Max

P.S I do get orders, but way less than I used to in the past.

Link to my gig:


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