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what are hidden criteria for qualification of promoted gigs


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They don't say, but in another page they do talk about Match Score (that might be related to it):


Other factors that determine a Gig’s Match score include:

Gig appearance quality: The way you choose to present your Gig can make a substantial impact on buyers’ choices. Ensure that you use an attractive Gig title and that the videos/images used are of high-quality and in high resolution. See more in Creating your Gig

Gig delivery quality: Your overall performance within an order, communication, buyer satisfaction, and buyer potential to return to your Gig, are all taken into account within your Match Score.


So in the "match score" they take into account things like "buyer satisfaction". So that's probably the private reviews (ratings) buyers can give. It takes into account communication (so maybe if someone had a low response rate that could affect it too). I expect order cancellations or late deliveries could affect it to.

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