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Who is being hurt the most by promoted gigs?

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1. Fiverr, stop hitting yourself. You allow people to pay their way to the top of the searches. So, on the top is not the most reputable, or highest rated, but the one who spent the most cash. Your buyers will have a lower quality experience, because if the most competent sellers don't pay to promote, then you are not selling your best products. Rich scammers will take over.

2. From Fiverr's promoted gig creation panel:

"Tip: You'll get the best ad results with a daily budget of at least $50".

At least take me to a date before asking for $1500 monthly from me, Jesus Christ.

3. I cannot even imagine how it is to start as a new seller here. I remember when I started, I didn't have a single dime to my name, and didn't have a single dime to spare whenever I made a sale. There is no way I could have competed and grown if promoted gigs existed back in 2015.

So, everybody is hurting from this, the platform, the buyers and the sellers. I don't understand a single thing here, maybe I'm too idealistic.

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2 minutes ago, polaris84 said:

So, on the top is not the most reputable, or highest rated, but the one who spent the most cash

Well, looks like you just don’t know how promoted gigs work. 

First of all not all gigs are eligible for promotion, you need to reach a certain level, have outstanding performance on that gig and have at least 20 reviews. So new sellers can’t use that feature unless they are already semi successful.

Secondly, it is more reputable and highest rated sellers who is shown in promoted gigs: promoted gigs constantly monitors sellers performance and it’s built on top of your gigs performance. It means that the better your gig performs and better reviews you get the more often fiverr shows you in promoted searches. 
And you can see on the forum how often and how many people complain that their promoted gigs suddenly disabled, just because they might’ve gotten something less than stellar private review. 
So no, it’s not anyone buying their way in, it’s targeted for the most successful sellers and it’s rarely 50$ a day. 

You can search in this forum the link to a webinar on how promoted gigs work and there is also quite interesting topic about ROI on promoted gigs that you can also look for here. 

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Promoted gigs were added to benefit the profit margins of fiverr not the seller! This much is obvious. How many successful sellers will actually say they have helped. My guess is very few . We still get roughly the same amount of business, we just pay more in fees to fiverr. But fiverr is still a brilliant platform in my book.

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