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Dear Friends,

My greetings to all of you and wish all of you success.

I am new one here can ask you that how can I fulfil the Profile Information. Moreover I am quite unknown for what reason I am unable to see these fields in my profile requirements to fulfil. In class teaching I am seeing that Jamal Sir of Outsourcing Institute at first task he could able to done the job and visible for these fields whereas I am not getting. I think that I did something wrong in the Titles and Description fields that affects to hide the field.

Hope, you are quite conscious regarding the point of view and might please be solvable.

Thank you

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Sorry. Just now I seen your this message. For Profile Information you can ask to YouTube as by category basis like below,

Facebook Gig by Jamal Sir

Leads Generation Gig by Jamal Sir

Link Building Gig by Jamal Sir and so on

I have created my Gig as of my own idea. Then after I saw those videos by Jamal Sir. Hope I will prepare another Gig with in 10 days. Hope so. By this opportunity I may ask you, "Did you see my Gig?" If you please like to comment that I can understand. I don't know Custom Proforma of Fiverr although I tried to asks to some ones but they have blocked me as they say that Spam,

When I prepared my Gig at that time I had to think about the proforma and the fields requirements and done only for an week calculation.

yasir_1 an user of Fiverr.com at the first moment claimed 500+27 dollars what I have none in bank account and I couldn't

Hope you write me sometimes. I am cordial. My greetings also to you

Thank you

01.11.2022 at 9.21 PM Bangladesh Time

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