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is fiverr blocking my service for no reason?



My situation is surreal, I went from 5 orders per day to 1 per week, from 2000 clicks per day to 1.
I have no negative reviews, I always delivered on time, my response rate never changed, I have never been reported so I don't understand what is going on, I wrote to the help center that they could not help me in any way, I they just sent the rules of the comunity that I had already read and they confirmed that my service is active.
I spent 700 $ for a course to start working and now I am negative because I only made 300 here on fiverr, I am desperate and I don't know how to understand what the problem is, the fiverr help center did not try to help me in no way and I just don't know what to do.

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It is not uncommon for Fiverr sellers to go through periods of order drought and busy periods. 

On the forum, some people call it "gig rotation," where Fiverr gives other sellers an opportunity to get orders, after sometime you will be "popular" again.

I experienced this a few times, usually it took 7-30 days for my impressions to return to normal. The longest time it took me was 65 days where I received very few impressions and no orders.

I didn't alter my gig and one day it became popular again. :classic_ninja:

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