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What is the reason for not getting work in fiverr ?


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On 10/1/2022 at 2:04 PM, mdtanjil1994 said:

What is the reason for not getting work in fiverr ? My everything is fine, impressions and clicks are getting a lot on the gig, but I am not getting work.

If impressions are good, that means buyers are seeing your gig. If clicks are good, your gig is attractive and buyers want to visit your gig.

If clicks aren't turning into orders, that means buyers are visiting your gig, and deciding not to order from you. They are moving on to your competition.

So work on improving your gig so that buyers will want to buy from you. Work on your portfolio samples and make sure your gig descriptions and services are tailored to your target buyers.


- this course has all the essentials you need to be successful.

I also got a lot out of the Help Center when I was just starting out. Fiverr really does want its sellers to be successful. Everything you need to know about getting started and setting up your Fiverr business is on the Help Center. You can get started here:


From this page you'll see 4 sections and 35 subsections. Read through them thoroughly and apply them to your gigs.

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