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Fiverr does take a 20% or is it more?


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Hey @ionutsebastian

Each Logo Design you sell through the Logo Maker accredits your account with revenue equal to 80% of the basic logo package (30$) price and 20% of the margin on top of the basic logo package price.

After purchasing a logo, your buyers can upgrade the logo packages, and add/buy additional logo variations. Not only does this generate more revenue for you (20% of every additional order goes to you, the seller), but there is no additional effort required.

So, basically, you get 80% from the 30$ basic package, always (24$).

You can make extra money for any upsell (on top of that)-

  • Choosing the Premium package - 20% of 30$  = 6$
  • Choosing the unlimited package- 20% of 60$ = 12$
  • Variation upgrade (can happen whenever the buyer wants and however many times)- 20% of 15$ = 3$ each time
  • Pro upgrade with discount (If the buyer purchases the basic package and then decides to upgrade to Pro within 3 days)- 20% of 30$ = 6$
  • Pro upgrade without discount (after the 3 days) - 20% of 45$ = 9$


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