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My gig has been disabled


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 One of my gigs that, finally was getting popular and collecting reviews, has been recentily disabled by the platform. They said that it should be written in Spanish. My fault. But it had been online for almost 10 months, and now, all of a sudden they deactivated. Also I got a short message that said "your gig does not fit the requirements". Of course I clicked on it and took my to my gig's title. I thought it was about my title, because it never said "please, change your descriptions, translate them into English". So it is their fault. I did not understand what to do, as the warning message just took me to the title, where it appeared in red. So first at all, the gig was online many months. Secondly the message was not clear. And on top of that, a few days before this issue, I spoke with an advisor about a refund related to that gig, and he NEVER said to me anytning about the gig (the Spanish descriptions on the pricing area). So, their fault again. 

I need that gig active, I explained myself many times, I also asked them to speak with a Manager, but she does not care... Guys, any suggestion?
I do not want to create a new one because I will lose the hard work done behind the gig, i will lose my reviews. 

How can I set a formal complaint about this issue?  Anyone has a direct email? Thank you so much for your help! 


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