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Please help: My Fiverr gig slipped to the 13th page from the 1st page


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As the title suggests, this happened overnight. I was always on the first page in the top 8 results. I didn't change anything. I am a Level 2 seller and have 38 5-star ratings with all of my metrics green (response rate, order competition, etc.). I didn't even have any cancellation. But this was all of a sudden. 

I googled this and realized that a lot of sellers had this problem. I completely understand that rankings are dynamic and different people see different rankings. But my impressions literally went down to almost 0. Which means that there is no visibility. You can see the screenshot below. 

Did anyone figure out a solution to this problem? This is my best gig and a lot depends on this. I need to bring this back. 

My gig link - https://www.fiverr.com/aniketpariha650/create-a-resume-that-will-you-get-a-job 

Screenshot 2022-09-30 at 19.45.11.png

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Just a couple of questions:

Why don't you post that info here instead of redirecting traffic to your website? Is easier to find it!

As for the 5k part, I misreaded it and thought it was montlhy, just edit it, my bad.


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I misreaded it an thought it was monthly revenue, correcting that.
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11 minutes ago, donnovan86 said:

Well you direct people towards a link that you can make money from. 

This is literally my very first article on Medium and its not even a part of partner program (you can see that). You can read it for free. I am making $0 on it. 

Didn't know it was this big a deal. I will copy paste the content. 

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