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It seems like the buyer's account has been suspended/gone that's why it seems to say that. If you try their username with a logged out browser it doesn't show their profile.

It's possible they got reported by another user or the system detected something about their messages (eg. spam like).

If they had blocked you it would probably have said "x is not accepting messages at this time" (though if it did give the message above if they blocked you they might have blocked because they weren't expecting you to say "yes" to having experience with them before. eg. if it was some sort of scam).

You're not allowed to show the user's name though and it does in the red box so you should remove that from the image.

Also their message said "recruiting new staff members to work from home" - it probably wasn't legit and they'd probably try to get you to contact/work off Fiverr (which would be against the rules). Fiverr isn't for getting new staff members. It's for hiring freelancers to provide their services.

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