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Can I offer demo services on fiverr for free



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6 hours ago, mohidnaeem41 said:

HI, I just want to ask can I offer free demo services on fiverr.

I don't think Fiverr has any rules against offering demos. It's really up to you. I would avoid offering it as part of your service because if a free demo comes as part of the package, then most people will take advantage of it. Leave it for them to ask. You can deal with it client by client. 
I provide voice-over, and I have plenty of demos available on my gigs, but if a potential client still requests a sample demo of their script, I will provide 3-4 lines with an audible watermark if it's a job that I'd be happy to secure. Should a potential client ask me to record their entire script, they have to pay for it. I do refuse anyone who has a bad attitude and a bad budget. It is okay to say no if your A-Hole radar starts going off.  
Providing a demo doesn't guarantee you'll get the job, but I've secured plenty of business by offering that extra. 

As an afterthought - never start working on a job without confirming the order. 

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