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I'm not getting enough impressions or click on fiverr


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I have tried everything added videos, more images done proper keyword research. The whole lot. I'm still not getting any orders on fiverr and my impression are too low. I'm offering very low prices. What am i doing wrong? how can i get impressions and orders. I also get a lot of spam messages directing me to telegram. Even they would have to click to message me? yet it does not show as a click on my analytics??? So is there something wrong? I'm so defeated i'm online for most of the day because i'm working. So it not that i'm unavailable. Please help out

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Hi everyone,

id really like some feedback on my gigs. I’m not getting enough impressions or sales. I have done everything. All tutorials. I’m now charging way way way less then what my products and time should be worth. So much so that I have put 5 for one of my logo design packages as the price just to get one order come in so I can get started. I really would like some feedback or advice. For all my other gigs I have put 10 as the price which is so defeating anyway. After learning investing time and money in a degree. All in all any advice on how to change my circumstances is welcomed

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Here's a few suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will create a logo with brand guidelines and a branding book
Maybe use more than one search tag (just having "logo design" as the tag might be too general as there's probably thousands of gigs that say something similar).

Gig: I will create an absolutely stunning logo
The gig video shows things other than just logo design (like UI design, animation), maybe have the gig video just showing the logo design stuff. The video thumbnail that shows on the profile and will show in the search results doesn't seem logo related. The gig title isn't very specific about what type of logo will be created.

Gig: I will offer high end copywriting for your website and products
On the profile the main gig image has text that gets slightly cropped. Maybe adjust the image a bit so it doesn't. It's probably at least partially because of the image's aspect ratio.

Gig: I will do a professional minimalist logo design within 24 hours
In the FAQ section:
Maybe change "What includes in Social media Pack?".

Gig: I will write compelling product descriptions for 10 only limited time offer
In the title it isn't that clear what "10" is. Maybe you could say "10 dollars" (similar thing for the gig that says "for 5 only"). Though adding the price will make it harder to change the price later.

Gig: I will write for your tech blog for as low as 10 limited time offer

Same comment about the "low as 10" (eg. maybe specify the currency). Your gig video says "LETS GET STARTED" - maybe alter that slightly. The gig video could have more info about the gig.

A few of the gigs don't have FAQs. Maybe add them to the ones that don't if it would help clarify the gigs.

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