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What are the differences between category and sub category?


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Sometimes they get used interchangeably (eg. people might call "Logo Design" a category, it also might be called a subcategory). Though really I think the top level are the categories and the ones below are the subcategories.

eg. The Categories are:

Graphics & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & Animation, Music & Audio, Programming & Tech, etc.

and the subcategories are below them, eg:

Cartoons & Comics (Graphics & Design->Cartoons & Comics)

Logo Design (Graphics & Design->Logo Design)

Illustration (Graphics & Design->Illustration)

The ones below those subcategories could also be called subcategories (or nested ones).

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You could also check here:



Subcategory [from the definition from that link]

* With respect to a given category, a more narrow category.

* (category theory) A subclass of a category which is itself a category, whose arrows are a restriction of the arrows of the parent category, and whose composition rule is a restriction of the parent category's

So you could say they're all categories but you could also say that logo design is a subcategory of Graphics & Design.

I think there's a maximum of 3 levels on Fiverr (category, subcategory, nested subcategory, since I think each gig has a categoryId, subcategoryId and nestedSubcategoryId (the last of which can be null if that gig only has 2 levels)).

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