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one of buyer Tried scamming me by ordering the gig for 2 Audio recordings. (with 10 days as delivery time) .

after 3-4 days he kept on pressuring me on the delivery. after a week I delivered the first file . after Receiving the file he asked my to mutually cancel the Gig, for no reason. (I asked him for problem but he was unable to give any justifiable reason). So i didnt accept the Cancellation request.

SO he left me BIG FAKE negative feedback. (full of lies) . I even have printshot to prove it .

But TO MY SURPRISE Fiverr team cancelled his gig without any consent from me , thus returning all his funds back to his account.

ON THE FIVERR website, they say … they are not reponsible for quality issues, but on the other hand they cancelled the gig because Client was not satisfied with the audio.

Overall, He got THE AUDIO that he wanted. He didnt pay a penny for it. Adding more to it, He left me a BIg negative feedback which is still there on my account.

and NOW FIVERR SUPPORT IS NOT RESPONDING ME BACK. ITS BEEN 20 days, my ticket is still open without any response.


adding more to situation, THe buyer was new user of The fiver and I am using fiverr for 2 years and have already completed more than 100 gigs without any complaints.

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I’m sorry to hear of your abuse by this customer. I don’t know what else you can do, except perhaps respond to the open ticket asking CS what the status is, because the negative review is still up but the order was cancelled by them (without justification).

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