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Fiverr needs a "PROOF" option for creative gigs


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I just got a great idea for gigs that offer creative services like graphic design, web design, etc.

The “Proof” idea came to me when I had a Fiverr buyer with very specific requirements and I usually just deliver the gig, but I felt a proof is necessary first before delivering.

How I see this working is like this:

  1. The buyer orders your gig as usual.
  2. Next to the Deliver Work button is a Deliver Proof button (just a mockup in my attached image).
  3. This button would allow the seller to upload a delivered product to the buyer and let the buyer press the “Accept” or “Reject” button.

    If the buyer presses the accept the button, the order gets delivered as usual, but if they press the reject button, it would tell the seller.

    I know there is a “reject” option for the buyer already, but it does not seem right after the work was delivered and make the seller seem like the order is being rushed. This would also stop the clock until the buyer presses Accept or Reject.

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Guest cust0mcr3ationz

I am considering putting watermarks on any predelivery item. so therefore the customer has to finish order. They want me to finish order and/or remove watermark they can’t cancel the gig. now this would only happen if i was handing something in early unsure what the customer wanted yet asking for their opinion.

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