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Someone clicked on my gig and ordered an article for $5. Everything was $5 back when I started (a few months after Fiverr launched). I wrote the article, delivered it, and got paid. That's the amazing story of my first order.

Actually, I don't remember it... but I'm sure that's how it went. I wonder how exciting these stories could actually get? I mean... isn't this how most people get orders without prior contact?

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My first order was through buyer requests.

A lovely American gentleman wanted to pay tribute to his beloved best friend who had just passed away.

He gave me a recording of his friend singing the hymn "Ave Maria" in a church and, I mastered it (corrected the sound).


At the same time, I got hired through another buyer request.

Three generations of an American family were singing a song in church. They had a bad zoom recording of it and, I was called to restore and master the audio.

It was Christmas time and, I knew that it was the beginning of a wonderful journey for me.

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Hi there!
I had my first order on Fiverr a long time ago, more or less two month after publishing the service. As @melanielm said, it was a $5 gig for me too:
a trombone recording session for an acoustic/folk kinda song. I remember that I was amazed: I had my first Customer, from Japan!
It was incredible at that time, I was there looking at the screen like "is this really happening?".
Lucky for me, there wasn't that much competition in that sub-category and my first customers were very kind and professional.
Eventually, I ended up with some good reviews but I decided somewhen to pause my services, both for financial and motivational purposes.
And that was the end of the story...

... since I've planned to do it. The right way. I've studied (and I'm not talking just about my skills as a trombone player), I've researched, I've filled the holes and I've started the business with my own rules. There is no more "lucky me" this time. It's more like: Hey, let's work together! 😁 

Oh! While answering your question I've got back that trombone recording session, the one from the very first order: as I said, I was very lucky to encounter very kind and professional Customers back there 😳Comparing it to what I'm doing now, it sounds like two different lives to me:
On the one hand, a professional musician who is trying some sort of new tool. On the other hand, a professional seller who is delivering quality services.


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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a group of freelancers who lived and worked together in a beautiful forest. These freelancers were skilled in a variety of different trades, from writing and design to programming and marketing.

Each day, they would wake up early and spend their mornings working on their various projects, using their talents and skills to create beautiful and useful things. In the afternoons, they would take breaks to explore the forest and enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty that surrounded them.

One day, a group of evil trolls attacked their forest home, aka as the forum, with nonsense posts, trying to destroy the freelancers and their way of life. But the freelancers banded together and used their collective skills and talents to defend their home and drive the trolls away.

In the end, the trolls were defeated and the freelancers were able to continue living and working in peace and harmony. And they all lived happily ever after, making the most of their skills and talents to create wonderful things for the world.

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