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 Twitter This is the famous social network of the little bird, you can share content for its 230 million users since by generating interactions with retweets, sharing on Facebook, or likes. It has a limit of 243 characters when publishing tweets, in this case you can use the link shortener tool. In your online store, Twitter is used to answer questions and contact buyers. e-commerce and social networks LinkedIn Did you know that Linkedln is one of the main social work networks , as it is ideal for communicating information about your store, you can add job offers and thus you can attract more Job Function Email List users. Contrary to the social networks already mentioned, the posts are not well seen to sell, however, the advertising can be done on Linkedin Ads. 

You have to segment correctly to get great results. Youtube This social network continues to accumulate more users, making it the basic option for your online business. The information about your product is varied: Reviews unboxing Tips to use them. The videos you upload can be long and so you can put a lot of creativity into it. The interaction is varied, you can leave likes or dislikes, so you can find out if those who visit your online site like your product or not. Remember that any comments you receive on social networks about your product have to be answered no matter how bad the comment is.

 This will show your professionalism and give users the impression that you are aware of their reactions. Now that you know the main social networks that can help you grow your business online, don't be afraid of technology, you can get detailed training on each of the options mentioned and thus succeed as a small, medium or large entrepreneur. 

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