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after deleting a gig where does it go?


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My guess is that when you delete a gig it's still kept on the system in a way that Fiverr can see it but it won't be visible to you or anyone that isn't Fiverr staff (other than by looking off-site eg. at google's cache or archive . org).

It probably sets some "deleted" flag (maybe with who it was deleted by) but then kept so that if staff need to check it for some reason they can. eg. if a buyer complains about a gig they might still need to check it even after it was set as deleted. Or maybe they keep it for a certain amount months and then actually remove it.

Though it doesn't seem to delete everything about a gig. eg. I have an order I made years ago and the seller is no longer on Fiverr but the order still shows the gig title and the main gig image even though the gig is probably set as "deleted" (or similar status) because the seller isn't on Fiverr any more

If you have deleted a gig that you now want to restore you could contact Fiverr support at the help desk and ask them if they could do that.

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