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How you increase your gig rank as a beginnner?



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Hi @jidniakter01 - Welcome to the forum and Fiverr!

There's actually no such thing as a gig "rank" in Fiverr - it doesn't operate like a search engine. Fiverr's search acts like a match maker and tailors each search result to each buyer. So what you see in search won't be what your buyer sees in search. I can't find myself in search, but my buyers can (and that's what matters). So It's useless to search for yourself.

Instead, work on your relevancy to your target audience. Your relevancy in search is based on the buyer's buying habits, your titles & tags, and your seller performance compared to other sellers in your category. You can learn more how to make yourself more relevant in search (and more visible here):


When I was a new seller, with very few reviews, the thing I worked on most was my portfolio. Buyers were ordering because they saw my portfolio and knew what I could deliver. So utilize your gig video, 3 gig images, and 2 PDF's to highlight your design skills. If you don't have a portfolio, create one. As a new seller, this is a great use of the extra time you have.

I pulled most of my portfolio samples down after I started getting reviews, but I need to get them back up because I just got the My Portfolio option and that gallery looks amazing on others' profile.

When I buy gigs, I usually look at the gig videos, portfolio samples, and reviews, so these three things are the most important thing to me as a buyer. I also make sure to discuss my project with my sellers before placing an order because smooth communication is also important.

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1. Search for good title descriptions and tags related to your gig Fiverr.
2. Remain online on Fiverr to attract the buyer.
3. Copy top-ranked gigs. 
4. Attractive descriptions and tags.
5. Keywords in URL of the fiver gig. 

If you follow the above rules hopefully you will get the order very soon

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first search your services on fiverr search bar. then you can see some releated search you can use that on your gig title, description and the tag options also add attractive thumbnail on your gigs. and share it on social media. hope you can reach and click. also you can see your competitor gigs to get some idea. 

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