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Help? I can't level up!


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Hi, I need help since I’m not getting it from the support. I’m terribly frustrated, I have been working really hard to get level 1, by now I did 77 Sales, 100% positive review, no cancellations but my level does not go up! I made a mistake a week after I register here by posting a link to my portfolio, I got 2 warnings until I learnt they work only with Flickr then I erased the link. I wrote down support and they say I can’t level up since I got “too many violations” but I haven’t get any warning after I erased my portfolio and haven’t broke any rule! I only enter here, read my buyers messages, answer and deliver work, thats all!! How come I broke any rule by doing so?? Support told me I will “Eventually level up” , I wrote and said it was a newbie mistake, not done in purpose.

Is this normal? How much time should I wait for that silly mistake?

Thanks in advance!

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