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No buyer request cominng ?



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Buyer requests are removed and they are replaced by AI-backed briefs that are automatically presented to you.

Also, even if you see some buyer requests, it doesn't matter when you reply. Any serious buyer will wait for multiple replies until they decide, no one would give the job to the first random person. 

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31 minutes ago, ashikur045 said:

As a new seller, you will not see a lot of buyer requests.

Stay active on Fiverr as much as you can and check your buyer request page if there is any buyer request.

Please stop giving advice that is incorrect. @donnovan86 explained in his update above that buyer requests are being phased out in place of briefs. If you had bothered to read the thread, you would have seen this!  Your advice and actions have an effect on new buyers.  By telling them to stay online as much as they can is directly affecting their mental health and well-being. There is no need to do this.  They just need to have a well-researched, innovative and well executed gig. 

You have NO sales and therefore no experience in this or any other subject.  I suggest you read and learn from experienced sellers as opposed to posting fictional information to gain credibility points. 

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52 minutes ago, raheelaslamj said:

anyone tell me whats the best buyer request time here in pakistan ?

There's no buyer request time. It doesn't matter if you are the first or last to reply. You are worried about the wrong stuff.

Focus on crafting the right introduction, stand out from all the other messages. If you just want to be the first that sends pretty much the same message and a very low price, that won't make you stand out. But, you choose what you want to do 🙂

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