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How can I change the URL Of the GIG?

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Hi shafique110!

I wanted to do that in the past too but, as said by shalock, the only way is to create a new gig.
You can find more info on Fiverr Help, under Creating and managing your Gig/Editing a Gig :


Note: The Gig URL and the Gig category cannot be changed.

Also, if you have other questions (and if you are in a hurry eheh), you can always search for other topics related to your needs here in the forum (i.e. How I can change gig URL?).

So, stay strong with your gig's URL and showcase your talent to potential buyers changing the prices, adding new images or a video to your Gig gallery, providing extras, or writing a new Gig description but remember that once your Gig has been edited the search position will be affected temporarily
Otherwise, if your gig has nothing to do with your old URL, you can always create a brand new service adding a new gig to your Fiverr's page!

Enjoy ^^


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