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Please help a Newbie


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When I first started selling, it never occurred to me to ask for help when this forum has thousands of posts full of good information. Granted, it can sometimes mean slogging through some long threads, but the permanent threads with basic help should be plenty to get people started; I thought they were great.

I sometimes wonder how some people can ever succeed when it seems they need so much hand-holding just to get started!

But that’s just me, I guess~ 8-|

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Reply to @celticmoon: No, it’s not “just you” Celtic.

What you describe:

-doing the work involved to get started

-taking the time to READ the FAQs and FAQ-type forum threads

-and not having the dreaded “Entitlement Attitude” so prevalent in today’s society (that everybody on the Forum “owes you” their valuable time to spoonfeed you)

These are the things that distinguish WINNERS… from LOSERS! 😮

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