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New Gig not ranked on fiver even after building repeat client


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Hi 2 week ago i created my fiver account and list  my new gig as service provider .After two days some clients approach me they place an orders now in short all of them are my repeat client and as new seller I get 8 orders in 20 days from my clients but problem is that my gig impression  are going down day by day and its become  zero now but on the other hand I expect that there might be increase in impression and also in my ranking . one more thing I search my gig on my all keywords and tags but I didn't  find . what's  the problem with my account any body help?


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Could it be that you just edited your gig? because it will make your gig unavailable for some time, and resurface. Don't edit it too much.

It's pretty normal for gig traffic to go up and down. Especially when you're fairly new and your gig isn't in a good position yet. Wait another day or two and if the impression remains zero, contact CS and ask whether your gig is active and visible. You cannot expect CS to get buyers and orders though.

I'd suggest you focus on the orders that you currently have. Give your best service to make sure that the buyers are fully satisfied and they're willing to leave reviews. I am pretty sure that the new reviews would help boosting your gig's traffic.

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