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How to create wordpress gig


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@mahin_54  I wonder why your profile picture on here is a glamorous brunette lady? while your profile picture on your Fiverr page is of a male with a beard?  Just asking???

However, it's worth noting that there are 10,000s of wordpress and SEO 'experts' on Fiverr.  You need to think about how you will create a gig that stands out from the rest. I notice that there is no mention of these skills in your profile or in the qualifications that you hold.  

Don't set yourself up to fail in an area you have no expertise in.  It will only damage you in the long run.  From what I can see, you have already deleted some gigs from your profile, as I can see a rating of 4.8, but no feedback?  I would avoid doing this as it looks like you have something to hide.  


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