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Experienced sellers: what is the best way to handle long term projects

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Hi I am a buyer and I would like the perspective of experienced sellers on how to make an agreement with a buyer for a longer collaboration that is a win-win.

The question: how to enter a long term agreement with Fivers that protects both buyers and sellers for the entire duration of the agreement.

Imagine this proposal: a certain number of deliveries at a price higher than the actual seller rate but guaranteed for a specific number of orders (say 20 monthly orders x 5 items delivered). 

This may be enticing to an artist, as he ensures a stable income over a medium time frame. However there are issues:

The issue for the buyer: if the buyer agrees with an artist for the delivery of 100 deliveries and and after the 50th delivery he decides to double the price, although he agreed differently with the buyer, the buyer has a problem.

The issue for the seller: if the artist agrees to a fixed price for the entire project, and the buyer decides to stop the project at a certain moment, the artist is treated unfairly. 

What are the best ways to protect both buyers and sellers if they agree on a fixed price for a long term collaboration? Is there a way that Fiverr can protect both parties in this case?

 Thanks for the attention.



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Subscriptions or milestone orders. They both lock in one price for the duration. Subscriptions bill automatically for each order and can reach up to 6 months. Milestones, I believe, bill only when the previous order is accepted completely (or auto-completed). That triggers the start of the next one.

The only other option is to come to a written agreement in the Inbox and have the seller send a custom offer on schedule. Of course, you can just order on a schedule you set, too.

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