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Finally achieved the "Request to Order" Feature


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On 9/21/2022 at 12:41 PM, sunboatrecords said:

I uploaded a screenshot of my settings in my previous message.

If your screenshot is the one on top, we have the same settings.


Update: It is a glitch.

It works fine on my other gigs.

Just a little update on my glitched gig:

The tech team must have fixed it a few minutes ago! They have not updated the ticket yet.

Aah… Request to order… What a sight!

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39 minutes ago, melanielm said:

Are there other Seller Plus Premium people who don't have this yet? Is there something I should do or just keep waiting?

Hi @melanielm, I just got it today, so they are rolling it out to all members little by little. You can see on this thread that there are still quite a few who haven't gotten this feature yet. Hopefully soon, though!


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