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My gigs are not available on any page but visible in online filter


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Hi respected fiverr fellows:

Dr. Sanam here. I'm a 2nd level seller. Everything was going great because three of my gigs were promoting and i was getting 4-5 orders daily and nearly 2500-3000$ monthly earning. I didn't get any negative review in the last month. My rating is 5. Suddenly, my promoting gigs disqualified and my all gigs are disappeared. 
They are all active not suspended etc but not showing even on last page.
When i filter online (medical article, main keyword). My gig appeared there but my question is why my gig is not found on any page without filtering online. 
I'm really worried. Can you please help me how to recover it or how to search my gig position because customer support is only sending a screenshot that your gigs are active. That's all.
I'll be really grateful to you.
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Sorry to hear this. 

Maybe it's because of that the marketplace is set to show results based on a number of factors related to the buyer and won't show you the same results.

Also, I'm the past month I've also noticed a bit of decrease in the traffic with no apparent cause, maybe it's because all the changes Fiverr is going through?

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I don't know this has been happening for a long time! I was about to write on the topic. All my gigs do not appear on search pages anymore. I have tried possible solutions but nothing has changed. I think there is more to this issue of gigs not appearing on search. 

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