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Sale Reduce by getting Level 1 seller


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20 hours ago, aliking_786 said:

I got Level 1 Seller. Now I have no any order. My impression are coming more than 2k per day and clicks also 25 to 30 per day. But I not receive any order after getting Level 1 Seller.  Please help me that what is issue 

Hi @aliking_786!

Two things:

1) You recently had a 4 star review on your YouTube promotions. That buyer might have also left a negative review about the same time that you leveled up, which could've significantly impacted your visibility in search. The buyer also ended with a "You were warned!" statement that might deter other buyers. I found your response to this review (as well as the English you used in your gig and profile) a bit hard to understand since English is not your strong point. You might want to consider having someone proofread you gigs and profile for you so that you can make a good impression on buyers.

2) When you leveled up, you were put into a more competitive category of sellers. So you have to improve the quality of your services and gigs so that you can stay competitive in the marketplace. The best thing to to is to make good deliveries and keep your customers happy so that they will give you good reviews and more business. You have 9 orders in queue, which is great because you only have 14 reviews on your profile. Focus on giving these 9 customers exceptional service so they will love you, give you good reviews, and more business.

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