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Brief matching really working?


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I am a level two seller and working from last 1 and half year as a video editor. 

My question is what price have you set for matching briefs?  I didn't get any single matching briefs, i don't know why its not working for me, i keep changing the brief prices after a week but still i don't get any match. Also, buyer requests are totally garbage, people are just putting links of their YouTube channels and their Fiverr gig profile. There is nothing left to see in buyer's request. 


Where we should go? Buyer Requests are garbage and briefs are not getting matched, i am only getting from my repeated buyers and from social media. 


90% of my orders are from social media, i worked really hard to get level two badge. I have used gig promotion features too but i only get 100 impressions in a week. Nothing seems to be working out. Any suggestions? TIA

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