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How do you get Fiverr CHOICE badges in my gig?


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21 hours ago, imran_ahmedy said:

How do you get Fiverr CHOICE badges in my gig?  becouse I have already in my gig  RISIGN TALENT.  Can possible If we make full requirement for FIVERR CHOICE ? 

Fiverr's Choice and Rising Talent works in similar ways. They're both based on your performance, meaning your private feedback/buyer satisfaction rate, and a host of other metrics, like the value you bring to the platform, relevancy for each individual buyer and so on. If you have been getting the Rising Talent badge, that's awesome. Keep doing great work. The Rising Talent badge is for new sellers who have garnered great feedback on the platform. If you keep it up, you might get a few Fiverr's Choice orders down the line. 

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