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Live portfolio is not available anymore?


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I am facing an issue from sometime, I have created many amazing designs and I want these to show up in my portfolio. I added a question in my gig requirements that Am I allowed to share the project in portfolio or not, and every client say yes to me but not a single delivery is in gig's live portfolio, even the live portfolio option is on. When I ask a few buyers they said there is no such option and this is not the case with one buyer, this issue is with all buyers I guess, I ask to a few clients and guide them that they will find the option on that place but they said it is not showing up to them, I don't know the issue. I contacted the support but after 1 day I get a response that turn on the liver portfolio etc from that place etc but it is already on as 1 image is in my live portfolio is also showing up on my gig, so what is the issue, please help me as I have created many amazing designs and if these projects will be on my gig portfolio then it will help me a lot to get clients.

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