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There might be a possible uncharted territory in the business of online paying in exchange for independent or freelancing services, and even for crowd funding.

Is a bit more complicated to develop and fit pros and profits. Is not just unilateral. Is about co-creations. A well established creator that can co-create with others who can’t start all by themselves. 

For example: writing an anime or developing an app. 

Hey, here’s the idea and if you like it and envision a prosperous out come, let’s co-create, meaning we will share profits. 

What is the advantage when a freelancer or independent developer enters the co-creation or partnership program?

More earnings and other benefits.

What is the advantage for the other parts involved in the co-creation or partnership if he or she will earn less? Meaning future profits will be split with writer or developer. 

Visibility, recognition, entry in the target market and others.

What are the threats that would dis encourage people to enter online co-creations or partnerships?

Fraud and non compliance of terms and agreements and others. 

Is it worth the money for Fiverr to invest and be the middle man, the manager, the arranger, the organizer of these co-creations and charge monthly fees to all parts involved?

What percentage of co-creations will be super lucrative vs good lucrative vs non-lucrative?

Or is it many new questions, many new problems too that will need many new costly solutions?

And this has been a rant in the ranting pot.

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Rather than monthly fee, fiverr can ask for up to a 5% of future profits for the first year.

Future conditions stipulated like for example:

If first year profit is x or above: 1% for Fiverr

X or above: 2% for fiverr

And so on etc

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