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How to active 24 hours in fiver best way?


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Buyer Request send some step in successes get a job!

New seller is first order get need a some time and quick get order only help buyer request.

Now i told you some step to follow and apply your buyer job, i think you success get a order.

Step one 🙂 

You understand  or you see line by line her requirement buyer request.

Step two 🙂 

First line don't told her sir or mam. Only Hello there or Hello (Name)

Step three 🙂 

First two line you clear the told  her job complete way details not for use three line.

And 3 line told him your some experience details.

Step four 🙂 

Shear your some live work prof doc link or live website link to your previews working clients or practice.

And shear your portfolio website link.

Step Five 🙂 

Last you told him you waiting her positive response or your job perfect me you can order now i will start your work...(something you told inspire to reply sms)

Thank you (Your name)


I think is helpful a new seller to send buyer request. But is there any think mistake or wrong i will shear with all, please told me i am learn this.


Thank You Everyone❤❤

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Many people are very confused about this account, whether there is any problem?
No account problem no this is new update from your Fiverr. Fake buyer request on Fiverr has increased so much and spamming too. This is why there is no longer a buyer request option on Fiverr. But the good news is that if you publish the gig well and researched, then if it matches the buyer's requirement, your gig will be sent a brief or a notification will go to the buyer. And buyers can easily contact you through the brief.
But now you have to write the gig well and researched so that it matches the client's requirement. Those who are new in this field can take advice from the old seller that how are the buyer requirements then you can keep most of the requirements in your gig.



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Firstly i told you Why your need a new seller ? 

New seller is perfect complete your job, her experience is update and focused on clients work. Full time new seller have free, so if you can hire him! He is only do it your work with low cost. Because her not need first a money need a good review.
Yes now your first need a her portfolio and some previews working prof. Then you order him.
I am new seller working as a WordPress developer. If your have a time please visit my profile and anything need discuse me. I will help you. 

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