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My client left me with no answers. Now I'm 28 days late



I already contacted the customer via chat, sent messages on the order page and by chance, I managed to get through an email she left. But none of them made her even go in and accept the extension requests.

I contacted support and the only thing they did was send a new email to the customer. Today they are 28 days late, that is, I can no longer extend.

Has anyone been through this and can help me with a way to minimize the damage this can bring me?

Thank you all.


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On 9/16/2022 at 12:37 PM, vickieito said:

Hi @feliperigueti,

Here's how I handled it (through a cancelation): 

This is exactly what you should do.

You're totally right. I returned with the support team and then they asked me to try another contact with the client advising about the request for cancelation of this order. But with this new change here on Fiverr about 60 days to extend the deadline. I'm probably saved cause I presume she will return in October and finally accept the extended delivery.

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I have a similar issue now. A person ordered at the beginning of September, but they started the order without any guidelines. I extended and then they asked for another long extension. Now I tried to receive guidelines but they don't reply, I wanted to cancel via customer support but they told me I have to initiate a cancellation normally, receive the cancellation penalty if it cancels automatically or if he agrees to the cancellation, and only after that I can go to them and they will delete the cancellation penalty. Orders without guidelines should be canceled without so much fuss.. But anyway I have an extra day of waiting since the cancellation was initiated 24 hours ago, and the person was online 3 times since then. Yet they won't reply so..

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